Retreat Series

As the word defines to retreat means: the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion.  Therefore, the retreat series is the first of the development programs on the restart you and win academy that offers practical tools to help you take an intentional journey to stop and effective assess your life and understand what went wrong and how to restart for a maximised life.

Realignment Series

Life issues and events and our inability to deal with the m is why they overtake us and overwhelm us to the point where we plateau or throw the towel in, when we retreat, we dig deep to ask the question WHY and also to give our new WHY we must restart and pursue to our desired and designed life. 

Refocus Series

As it says in this series its all about creating a lifelong vision and discovering your earthly purpose.  We have all been created on purpose for a purpose and a life worth living is one where the purpose is discovered, developed, and deployed to serve humanity and impact your generation.

Restart You Woman Journey Series

In a intimate setting the restart you woman is the platform where we teach, train and facilitate ministry development for women of all ages so they can develop their passion and deploy their God given potentials. . It equips women to create a pathway for tomorrow’s generation, thereby leaving a rich and legacy.

Out-of-the-Box Programme

The vision of the Out of the Box Program is to empower, equip and support Christian women into becoming successful entrepreneurs with businesses that are structurally sound, built with generational wealth in mind with the result of being able to impact their communities at large.

Before I Turn 50 Hub

This hub is created to inform, coach and support ladies between the ages of 25 – 49 to adequately prepare for 8 key areas of their lives based on the book “Before I turn 50” by Pastor Ruth Mateola, so they can be adequately prepared to enjoy their jubilee season.