Mission & Vision

Our vision is to inform, coach and support ladies between the ages of 25 – 49 to adequately prepare for 8 key areas of their lives based on the book “Before I turn 50” by Pastor Ruth Mateola, so they can be adequately prepared to enjoy their jubilee season.

Mission of the Before I turn 50 Hub:

To have a place and an avenue for sisterhood where women can be empowered, challenged and encouraged – stretched to capacity to be their very best, while preparing for jubilee season. To help Christian women explore and enhance their identity and walk with God, discover purpose, be healthy, create & build wealth and be informed for self-improvement in order to impact their community and generation as well as leave a generational legacy.

Objectives include:

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1. Walking in and with God (My First Love)

My first love is a monthly meeting where we embark on a journey of discovering God and self, Checking the pulse, and helping each other stand firm in God.

Encouraging each other with the testimony of Jesus in our lives and others. Praying and engaging God’s word to become alive on our journey.

Guest Facilitators Webinars – discussions about beliefs, value systems, seasons, and importance of planning to build up each other up in faith and purpose.

2 .Health

Webinars and showcases on healthy habits alternatives and group challenges for health and fitness. Food & Nutrition Education, Healthy Cooking challenge, Organised fitness challenges

Masterclasses on starting your own Health and Fitness initiatives. This will be a Monthly event/activity including: 

3. Finance

Workshops for targeted investment opportunities and to educate and create opportunities for women to create & build wealth.

Educate women on how to use money as a tool to work for them Financial Planning

Discussions on available Investment Instruments

Help women aim and work towards financial freedom. Placing value and using time wisely.

The Kingdom of God requires great finance for the gospel to reach the ends on the earth.

This will be a monthly activity – workshop/ classes, Q & A sessions with Financial experts.

4. Relationships

Sessions around various and the different relationships – building, prioritising, and improving these relationships. Invite guests to discuss marriage, singleness, and Friendships


– Who is my friend?

– How to recognise Healthy and unhealthy relationships

– Are you ready for marriage?

– Developing Wealthy