Mission & Vision

The vision of the Out of the Box Program is to empower, equip and support Christian women into becoming successful entrepreneurs with businesses that are structurally sound, built with generational wealth in mind with the result of being able to impact their communities at large.

Mission of the Out of the Box program:

To empower Christian businesswomen to prosper, and build generational wealth, with the ability to impact their communities.

Objectives include:

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How it works

The Out of the Box Program will comprise of different segments as follows:

1. Empowerment to Prosper Series

At a time when the world is in disarray and nothing is no longer certain, where businesses are packing up by the day, and people are being made redundant the onus falls on us as believers to tap into our God given “power to create wealth” and begin to translate it into tangible goods and services.

As Christians we have focused solely on “church” and failed to realise until we are economically empowered our impact will fall short. If we look around us, it is obvious that it is those with the financial acumen whose voices are heard and respected.

To this end, the “Empowerment to prosper series” is all about teaching women how to prosper and thrive even in these challenging times (because there are businesses that have done better in the pandemic than prior to it.) We will have speakers from various industries come and share their stories, share their biblical strategies and God given insight on how to excel in any given field.

Topics to be disseminated will include:

2. Take your Business Online

This will comprise of evergreen units available for members to go through to learn the ABC’s of taking their business online. Modules will comprise of:

This module will equip you in setting yourself up online whilst addressing questions that cause people to stumble when starting out i.e. What platform should you start with? What should your business be called? Overcoming the fear of social media and so much more.

Knowing who your customer is key in the online world. You must know that not everyone will like you and you are not called to serve everyone. This module takes you through a step by step approach to identifying who your client avatar is and honing in on them.

When a business has a strong message, people gravitate towards it. When your content speaks to people’s emotions they want to know more because ultimately people buy with their emotions. This module will show you how to tap into it.

The secret to a successful online market is knowing how to sell without selling using the art of storytelling. This module equips you with what it takes to move people with your words.

Finally the key to consistent online sales is ensuring you have a system in place that works to bring in new (potential and actual) customers day in, day out. This module will equip you to do just that.

3. Monthly Masterclass

Each month we will hold a masterclass featuring speakers from various industries who will breakdown the biblical principles they employed (and continue to do) that enables them to thrive in their chosen market.

This online masterclass will be a teaching session where not only are the entrepreneurial steps shared, but also critical principles and strategies. As the Out of the Box program covers women in various industries, the speakers will reflect the diversity amongst the group.

We will have speakers with physical products, and those with solely online products so that members can understand what it takes to succeed in their relevant field.

There will be workbooks available with every masterclass so that during the class, members are actively thinking about their own businesses in line with what is been shared. This will also help members go away with a plan of action that can be implemented.

4. Members Spotlight

Each month we will “showcase” a member’s journey, her story, her business to promote member interaction and support, whilst encouraging those just starting out that it Is possible!

5. Market Day

Every quarter we will hold a Market Day (virtually or in person) where members can showcase their goods and services, network and support one another.

This will give members (and non-members) the opportunity to promote their businesses to a wider market. There will be a discounted price for members, whilst non-members will pay a slightly higher fee.

All products will be offered at a slightly discounted price just for that day so that everyone who comes leaves knowing they have gotten “a good deal”. From caterers to make up artists, business consultants to skincare the Market Day will be one of the flagship events of the “Out of the Box” programs (graphic attached)

As a bonus everyone who signs up for “Market Day” will have their business included in the quarterly business directory.

6. Private Facebook Group

There will be a private Facebook group set for members as the entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one. It will be a place to bounce off ideas, with regular livestreams and Q and A session so women know they are not alone and supported. It will essentially be the “heartbeat” for members