As it says in this series its all about creating a lifelong vision and discovering your earthly purpose.  We have all been created on purpose for a purpose and a life worth living is one where the purpose is discovered, developed, and deployed to serve humanity and impact your generation.

The refocus series teaches you how to get a vision for your life, how to discover your God given and intended purpose and how to manifest it, living life to the full till it overflows into other lives.

In this series you will learn how to clarify your vision, how to launch your vision, building winning teams around your vision, the visionary leader and much more.

This series gives you an executable framework on how to know, create and manifest your life assignment.  You will uncover the uniqueness of your person, gifts, talents and potentials and how to enhance all this to deliver a legacy for your generation.

You will receive support and resources to help you explore and enhance your identity and walk with God, create & build wealth and be informed for self-improvement in order to impact your community and generation as well as leave a generational legacy.

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