As the word defines to retreat means: the act of withdrawing, as into safety or privacy; retirement; seclusion.  Therefore, the retreat series is the first of the development programs on the restart you and win academy that offers practical tools to help you take an intentional journey to stop and effective assess your life and understand what went wrong and how to restart for a maximised life.

The Retreat series is the deliverance part, it is a carefully put together program that allows the delegate to stop and intensively assess their life up till now.  We believe to Restart you must have reached a plateau situation or a dead end of a season in life and to move forward from a season into a new one you need to take stock of the lessons learnt from the old season.  In the retreat series you will learn topics that includes how to:

The retreat series teaches you how to go from chaos to calmness, from pain to purpose and from disappointment to expectation.

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